Elevating Registry Management: Unveiling the Registry Capability Maturity Model™ (RCMM™) - White Paper

Elevating Registry Management: Unveiling the Registry Capability Maturity Model™ (RCMM™) - White Paper

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, organizations and custodians are grappling with the challenges and opportunities presented by the dynamic realm of registry management. To guide this transformative journey, we are pleased to present our most recent thought leadership paper, combining industry insights, global benchmarks, and internal/external expertise to craft a well-defined "framework for the future."

This framework aims to assess current operational models, envision the desired future state, and lay down a roadmap for registry transformation. At the heart of this strategic approach lies the Registry Capability Maturity Model™ (RCMM™) - a comprehensive and indispensable guide for organizations aiming to elevate their registry management practices.

The Essence of the Registry Capability Maturity Model™ (RCMM™):

The RCMM™ is not just a theoretical construct; it's a practical and tactical roadmap designed for organizations seeking to assess, enhance, and truly transform their registry operations. It brings together a target operating model, guiding architectural principles, best practices, and recent registry innovations to create a dynamic and comprehensive framework tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the registry domain.

At the core of the RCMM™ lies a methodology that defines and refines a registry organization's digital transformation process and journey. Envisioning the future where registers become entirely digital constructs, the RCMM™ describes a five-level evolutionary path:

  • Pre-Digital Register Operator: The foundational level where digital elements are minimal, and traditional methods dominate.
  • Partially Digital Operator: Transitioning into the digital era, with a mix of traditional and digital processes.
  • Digital Curator: Embracing digital practices more comprehensively, with an increased focus on organization and systematic maturity.
  • Intelligent Register: Leveraging advanced technologies, analytics, and intelligent systems to enhance registry operations.
  • Fully Optimized Digital Register and Vigilant Shepherd: The pinnacle where the registry is fully digitized, optimized for peak performance, and overseen by vigilant custodians.

As we navigate the digital future, the Registry Capability Maturity Model™ stands as a beacon for organizations and custodians, offering a transformative framework to assess, enhance, and ultimately elevate their registry operations. The RCMM™ serves as a guiding light, offering organizations a structured approach to evaluate their registry operations, set improvement objectives, and chart a clear path toward optimal performance and service delivery.

This paper invites stakeholders to delve into the details, embrace the digital evolution, and embark on a journey toward a fully optimized and vigilant registry future. It represents the culmination of extensive research and industry collaboration by the authors. Through a holistic approach to digital transformation, it provides a highly effective and sustainable evaluation framework for registers and their custodians.

We round off a year of Thought Leadership from Foster Moore® and Teranet® with this paper, the final in our series which follows “Enabling Digital Government: Interoperability and Data Exchange Across Registers”, “Registers the New Frontier: A Proposal for the Development of a New Target Operating Model (TOM) for Registers”, and “Architecting Register Systems of the Future: A Systematic View of the Operation of a Register”.

As always, the authors welcome your feedback and participation around the contents of all our papers - They are for you.

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