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Companies Register

Are you looking to create a feature-rich online business entities or companies register configured to meet the unique requirements of your constituency and district? A Foster Moore register of business entities empowers state or federal incorporation, ongoing filings, maintenance, and cessation of entities. 

Why Foster Moore?

Whether you are managing a large or small registry, our solution scales to fit your needs perfectly. And you will not have to worry about data integrity – our secure database ensures it is well protected. 

And our platform allows you to manage multiple registers and even districts from a single interface, which is fantastic for regional deployments. 

Lower Risk

Significantly lower project risk

Risk mitigation is a top priority, especially for high-stakes projects like establishing a business registry.

Our industry experience, coupled with Verne's core set of registry capabilities, significantly reduces project risks. 

Quick Implementation

Quicker initial implementation

Time is of the essence in business. A product that promises swift and efficient implementation is a significant draw.

Our entity and service templates allow registers to get up and running quickly, a key factor considering the excessive cost of configuration and customization.

Reduced Costs

Reduced operational costs

Operational cost reduction is a common goal for businesses of all sizes.

Our product helps improve self-service uptake and boosts internal efficiencies through workflows, automation and dashboards - significantly lowering operational costs.


Designed and built specifically to power registers, Foster Moore products are delivered through Verne - our Registry Aware Platform. Through a powerful suite of tools Verne creates registries that supply accurate, timely and trusted data. Verne is the fastest and easiest way for governments and regulators to implement flexible, tailored online registries to their communities. 

Register Companies

Captures commonly required information and submits an application that may be reviewed by internal staff. 

Search For Companies

Ability to search for companies by name or unique identifier.

View Company Details

Displays details of a registered company, with publicly available information visible to all users and privileged information only visible to users who have a relationship with the company.  

Update Company Details

Allows details of the company and its directors and shareholdings to be updated by authorized users.

Remove And Restore Companies

Ability to remove registered entities from the register, either on request or automatically. Interested parties may lodge an objection to the removal. Once removed, entities can be restored later on request.

Technology Compatibility

Agnostic to databases and servers, promoting interoperability. 

Integrated Content Management Systems

Enhancing ease of use, it integrates with content management systems, simplifying updating and maintaining content.

Fee Management

An automated solution for the management of fee schedules, renewals, late fees, and penalties. Integrating with a number of payment processors.

Real-Time Status Dashboard

Enables users to modify data, make changes, view application status and - if necessary - print documents. 

Multilingual Web Portal

Verne enables content to be served in multiple languages for global accessibility. 


This gives peace of mind around auto-renewal reminders, limitations, and legislative compliance when interacting with the register.


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