Upending Traditional Approaches to Occupational Licensing and Registration

Occupational Register

Occupational licensing and registration is a vital component of ensuring consumer safety and maintaining professional standards in various industries. It allows individuals to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and qualifications before practicing their profession. 

This regulatory process not only protects the public from unqualified and incompetent practitioners but also enhances the reputation and credibility of the licensed professional.  As such, registration and occupational licensing plays a critical role in promoting consumer confidence and trust in various industries, including healthcare, engineering, architecture, and many others. 

Without it, the safety and well-being of consumers would be at risk, and the quality of services provided would be uncertain. 

Why Foster Moore?

Our platform and occupational licensing software streamlines the licensing process, making it easier for professionals to register the necessary licenses while ensuring that they meet all regulatory requirements. 

Perfect for registers of professionals, such as notaries, auditors, financial service providers, accountants, medical professionals, teachers, and private investigators, as well as tradespeople such as electricians and gas fitters. 

Reduced Costs

Time savings for registrars and licensees

Our occupational licensing solution allows users to create, renew and maintain their own registrations.

It supports the automated registration, issuance and the transfer of licenses - without the need for manual processing from registrars.

API ready

Seamless end-to-end solution

Licensees can conduct all licensing processes in a single platform ensuring confidence and speed.

Through integrations licensees can verify their identity, confirm courses and validate exam certificates. 

Secure and trusted

Peace of mind for the public

Our full featured search engine allows members of the public to search for licensees and their licenses.

The public can validate the credentials of a practitioner, without the risk of private information being exposed.


Designed and built specifically to power registers, Foster Moore products are delivered through Verne - our Registry Aware Platform. Through a powerful suite of tools Verne creates registries that supply accurate, timely and trusted data. Verne is the fastest and easiest way for governments and regulators to implement flexible, tailored online registries to their communities. 

Self Service Digital Applications

Digital tools empower users to independently manage license applications or services.

Verne is a full featured Business Occupational Licensing and Registration (BOLR) solution.

Licensee Public Search

Allows members of the public to search for licensees and their licenses. Public users will only see publicly available data in read only mode.

Integrated With 3rd Party Vendors

Native integrations enable ID verification, inter state license transfer, course confirmation, and exam certificate verification.

Complaint Management

This function shows the workflowfor checks and balances and with real time communications for the user.

Fee Management

An automated solution for the management of fee schedules, renewals, late fees, and penalties. Integrating with a number of payment processors.

Real-Time Status Dashboard

Enables users to modify data, make changes, view application status and - if necessary - print documents.

Multilingual Web Portal

Verne enables content to be served in multiple languages for global accessibility.


This gives peace of mind around auto-renewal reminders, limitations, and legislative compliance when interacting with the register.

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