Occupational Licensing

A public real-time, web-based register that manages the registration, occupational licensing and qualifications of practitioners who must register and fulfil certain compliance requirements.

Wide usage
Verne® can be used for registers of professionals, such as auditors, financial service providers, accountants, medical professionals, teachers and private investigators, as well as tradespeople such as electricians and gas fitters.

Verne® fulfils the role of a Business Occupational Licensing and Registration (BOLR) solution by supporting registration and the issuance of licenses. Verne® provides secure self-service access for practitioners, allowing them to create, renew and maintain their own registrations.

Compliance functions
Back-office staff can manage the approval and registration process including de-registration, inspections and complaints. Verne® also provides a full suite of compliance functions to cater for accreditation rules, practitioner renewals, reminders, escalations and enforcement.

High and low volume users
Verne® is designed to support high volume use by trained users such as registry officers, administrators and contact centre staff, as well as the relatively low volume use by public users, including practitioners.

Intuitive and accessible
Verne® screens follow standard web-based application principles, so are familiar to virtually anyone using common web sites (e.g. online auction and internet banking sites). Verne® is designed to perform adequately over low-bandwidth connections whilst maintaining the appearance of a rich internet application.


Key functions provided out of the box

  • Registration and maintenance.
  • Search.
  • Application review and approval processing.
  • Renewal and de-registration.
  • Inspection management.
  • Compliance reminders and enforcement.
  • Complaint management.
  • Communication templates and management.

Functional areas

Verne® provides data capture, validation and system updates to support the creation and maintenance of practitioner registrations and licenses within an Occupational Register.

  • Apply for registration or license allows practitioner to apply to be placed on the Occupational Register.
  • Apply to enter qualification process  allows an external user to apply to enter a qualification process (e.g. practitioner exam).
  • Change practitioner name allows a user to apply to change practitioner name.
  • Apply to restore registration or license allows a user to apply to restore a registration or license that has been removed from the register.
  • Renew registration or license allows a user to renew a registration or license, including fees payment.
  • Maintain details allows user to update details about a registration or license.
  • Maintain qualification results allows internal users to update results and upload documents from the qualification process (e.g. external exam).
  • Upload a document enables a user to upload mandatory or supporting documents, e.g. proof of identification.
  • List my unfinished business allows a user to view a list of pending or returned applications and select one in order to submit/resubmit. A user can also view a list of applications that are awaiting review or have been approved.
  • Create applicant allows a user to create a new applicant.
  • Remove from register provides the ability for a practitioner to request their removal from the register. Internal users can also remove a practitioner from the register.
  • View tasks allows an internal user to view the work queue of open tasks.

View task details

Allows an internal user to:

  • View task details.
  • Approve a form associated with a task.
  • Reject a form associated with a task.
  • Assign a task to oneself, an internal user or a team.
  • Approve an application.

Web Services

Verne® provides business services for every action and function within the system. These business services can be accessed via web services and can be used within an organization to integrate Verne® into the wider environment, including other internal and external systems. For example, business services can be used to trigger a new registration and approval based on data passed from an external practitioner system, or to enable large clients to submit transactions in real-time, e.g. registrations, amendments, searches.


Verne® includes functions to ensure that practitioners are in compliance with the rules of their registration. Catalyst can send courtesy and overdue email reminders for renewals, including automated removal of practitioners who fail to renew their registration.

Search and view the Occupational Register

Any user may search the Occupational Register. Public users can be provided with restricted access to practitioner data while internal users, and the practitioners themselves, will have full access to their own data. The following search types are available:

  • Registration/license search allows users to search for practitioners. Public users will only see results for current records.
  • View practitioner details displays the practitioner details in read-only mode. Public users will only see public data while internal users and authorized external users will see the complete set of practitioner data.

The following practitioner data can be viewed by users:

  • Practitioner details including registrations and licenses.
  • Examinations and qualifications (this can be restricted to internal users and authorized external users).
  • Filing history – a list of registered forms and documents associated with the practitioner, including links to each form or document to view details.
  • Conditions.
  • Uploaded documents.
  • File notes – internal users can view file notes and may be allowed to add file notes. File notes may be used to record details of investigations, complaints etc.
  • Payment methods.

Where actions such as registration, licensing and renewal incur a fee, the user must complete the payment online before the transaction is accepted. Catalyst provides several payment options, including:

  • Credit card payment – online payment via a credit card using an agreed provider.
  • Prepaid account – an account balance is maintained per user account. This account balance is topped up by entry of an amount based on a payment receipt (transacted either at the registry office or an authorized location).
  • Postpaid account – pre-approved users will be automatically invoiced monthly by the registry. Non-payment may result in de-activation of the account.
  • Verne® also provides functions to allow internal users to administer the prepaid and postpaid accounts, including transaction searching as well as payment, refund and adjustment functions.

Task management

Verne's workflow system is configured to define business processes, tasks and escalation rules. A work queue is provided to enable internal users to view outstanding tasks assigned to them. The following functions are provided:

  • View tasks – allows an internal user to view the work queue of open tasks.

View task details – allows an internal user to:

  • View task details.
  • Approve a form associated with a task.
  • Reject a form associated with a task (optionally with ability for the practitioner to correct and resubmit).
  • Assign a task to another user.
  • User registration and account maintenance.


User registration and account maintenance

  • Provides functionality to manage the identification, authentication and maintenance of internal and external users within the system. Internal users must be registered to enable them to perform their administrative duties within the register. External users must be registered in order to register and maintain practitioners (including themselves).
  • Includes functions to search, create and maintain internal users. It also provides functions to create and maintain groups of internal users in distinct security groups, allowing the system to control access to certain functions based on user roles.
  • Provides functions to support the registration of external users, either as an individual, or by a third party on their behalf. Once they are registered, users can maintain their own details and access their own records. Internal users also have the ability to maintain the details and credentials of external users if necessary.

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