Verne® – powering registries globally

Verne®, our Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software application, is the product of years of iteration and experience within the registry domain. Unlike other COTS products such as CRM solutions or ERP systems, Verne is focused specifically on delivering online registers.

It allows for the use of a core set of services, that support all registry types. Companies, secured transaction, beneficial ownership and occupational licensing registries have all been built on Verne®.

Verne® is incredibly flexible through the use of configuration capability and tools. This allows the deployed registers to be compliant with the legislation or policies of the jurisdiction in which it is used, tailored to your country, state, county or business needs.

Cloud Based and accessible anywhere

Access for both members of the public performing online transactions and registry staff responsible for the management and operation of the register is browser-based and accessible from any device.

Verne® provides members of the public with integrated search, reservation, registration (incorporation) and compliance functions as well as access to online payment facilities.

Registry staff use Verne® to carry out the daily duties required to maintain the register; working from an interactive task list they complete the tasks allocated to them based on their defined responsibilities.

Designed specifically to run registries

Verne® provides registry owners or managers with functionality and tools that represent ‘best of breed’ registry software. Regardless of its sophistication, each Verne® register implementation incorporates best-practice design and process to efficiently achieve legislative compliance, reduce costs and improve client services.

Verne® is continually evolving and today reflects notable registry-know-how fused with leading-edge technology to deliver a refined and modular architecture. Verne utilises modern software packages, including a document database (such as MongoDB), reliable messaging (Rabbit) and lightweight frameworks (Spring Boot) to deliver a single application that is cloud-ready, multi-tenanted, and always online for our clients.

Secure and compliant

Foster Moore’s core business is registry software. The various regulatory and government bodies using Verne® do so in the knowledge that it is secured and tested to the highest standards.

How does Verne measure up?

Verne Comparison Table

Verne Products

Business Register

A feature-rich online registry to manage the business filings within your jurisdiction.


Beneficial Ownership Register

Manages the registration of director identification and beneficial ownership, using Open Ownership data standards.


Secured Transaction Register

For all parties involved in the administration, operation and management of UCC and Personal Property Security Registers.


Occupational Register

Manages registration, occupational licensing and qualifications for practitioners who must register and fulfil certain compliance requirements.


Trademark Register

Delivers fast and efficient trademark (and service mark) registration, searching, renewal and maintenance services.


Register of Things®

Our Register of Things® template is designed to manage generic ‘things’ like products, objects, schemes; these things are not a person, profession or a business entity.


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