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Verne Registry Aware Platform

Verne, is the product of years of iteration and experience within the registry domain.  It allows for a core set of services supporting all registry types.

Our CompaniesBeneficial Ownership, Secured Transactions and Occupational Licensing products utilise the Verne platform and capabilities.

Why Verne?

Verne offers an extraordinary level of adaptability through its configurable tools and features. This sets it apart as a tool designed for compliance across multiple environments, offering a truly tailored solution for every customer. 

Cloud Based

Cloud native and accessible from anywhere

Leveraging all the benefits of cloud native products Verne provides rapid implementation, scales to your needs, and delivers regular product updates.

We are committed to exceeding accessibility acts, standards and guidelines. 

People centered registers

Empowering self service experiences

Verne enables people to efficiently manage themselves and their associations while supporting legal and regulatory requirements. 

People interacting with the register are 'real', validated, and can be verified using a range of identity verification tools - building further trust in the register.  

Secure and trusted

Trusted and secure

We know that ensuring privacy and security is paramount. By design Verne exceeds industry standards and guidelines for security.  

Relationship and authority access models ensure only the right people, make the right changes, and have the right access, to information. 


Designed and built specifically to power registers, Foster Moore products are delivered through Verne - our Registry Aware Platform. Through a powerful suite of tools Verne creates registries that supply accurate, timely and trusted data. Verne is the fastest and easiest way for governments and regulators to implement flexible, tailored online registries to their communities. 


QuickStart components are the basic components that every registry needs. This includes registration and maintenance features, searching, compliance routines and filings for historic data retention.

User Management

Verne supports user authentication and authorisation, providing user account management features, along with a permission-based security model that defines the functions and data that users have access to. 

Data Management

Verne’s data management features allow for collecting, organizing, protecting, and storing an organization’s data so it can be analyzed for business decisions. They also include the data migration tools enabled in Verne to support legacy data migration. 

Work Management

Each registry business service within Verne is subject to a workflow process. Verne provides an integrated task management system that supports the assignment of tasks and activities to teams and team members.  

Registry Operations

Verne includes a rich set of tools and services for the management and operation of a register. User-defined roles allow the personnel working for the registry to carry out the daily functions required to maintain the register. Configurable features for the management of calendars, fees, communications are all accessible to the appropriate registry staff.

Fee Management 

Verne’sFee Management featurescan be used by any registry that charges for its business services. Its flexible fee schedule drives the management and processing of fees charged to an end user.

Multilingual Web Portal

Verne enables content to be served in multiple languages for global accessibility. 

Verne Core

Core is the engine that powers Verne. It provides all the core registry capabilities and functionality that the business registry products leverage, such as auditing, versioning, document management, communications and more.

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