Secured Transaction Register

Verne® Secured Transaction Register delivers a full electronic, self-managing application for all parties involved in the administration, operation and management of UCC and Personal Property Securities Registers.


Key features

Verne® kick starts the implementation of a flexible, robust, reliable, secure, cost effective and user-friendly registry. Foster Moore's ongoing product development ensures we meet best-practice guidelines for registries globally, as well as embracing developing technology trends such as mobile computing and security.

Key features provided out of the box:

  • 100% online with fully self-managed transactions, only requiring registrar input to manage exceptions.
  • Secure web-based access for external users (e.g. secured parties and debtors) and internal registry staff to support and maintain the registry.
  • Configurable search facility offers flexible, intelligent searches.
  • Enforced auditability and evidentiality.
  • Template-based document and correspondence generation including distribution via email, fax or print.
  • Complete eCommerce payment methods.
  • Integrated management and operational reporting.
  • Secure database ensures data integrity.
  • Irregular activity monitoring and alerting.
  • Scalable solution.


  • 100% online for all users & debtors, creditors and registry office staff.
  • Flexible solutions meet requirements of complex or simple registries.
  • Significantly lowers project risk by using a proven product.
  • Quicker initial implementation through product configuration.
  • Ability to rapidly reconfigure product to support a changing legislative environment.
  • Access to product updates to provide enhanced features and functionality.
  • Improved efficiency through team-based task management, assigns tasks to users, and teams of users through intuitive online application.
  • Reduced errors and omissions through monitoring of tasks.
  • Reduced operational costs through increased self-service uptake and improved internal efficiencies.
  • Leverages existing IT operational and support skills through support for a wide range of infrastructure.
  • Long-term support for growing registers through platform scalability.
  • Extended functionality and data integrity through data sharing between registers.


Verne® Secured Transaction Register can be integrated with:

  • Existing scanning, OCR and redacting infrastructure.
  • Mobile and emerging technologies.
  • Financial management and accounting systems.
  • External reporting solutions for standard and ad-hoc reporting, enabling end-to-end processes.
  • State or national identification and login services.
  • Existing IT environment (e.g. user authentication, access control and database management system).
  • Online help.
  • Content Management System.

Our building blocks

  • Multiple language support.
  • Configurable options to support different legislative rules.
  • Database and server agnostic.
  • Integrated Content Management Systems.
  • Integration with existing authentication and authorization systems.

Using Verne®

Verne® provides the tools needed to configure and deploy a secured transaction register that meets clients' unique requirements and delivers a series of web applications that enable the online management of securities by both registry staff and those with an interest in the secured items. Public search access is also available.

Security interest maintenance

External users obtain authority as a 'Secured Party' or 'Agent' acting on their behalf. These users may be individuals who have their own personal accounts or organizations with multiple users defined within their structure, e.g. banks, finance companies.

A registered security interest can be amended, continued or terminated by its Secured Party or Agent. The system will be set up to impose a filing fee on submission of specific notices, as required.

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