Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Rapidly search, record or update real-time security interests on collateral

Secured Transactions Register

Personal Property Securities Registers and UCC Registers are transformative tools designed to ensure that your financial interests in personal property are securely registered and thus safeguarded. Whether you are a lender, a business, or an individual, we provide an efficient, streamlined way to assert your financial claim over personal properties, including vehicles, machinery, inventory, and more. 

Why Foster Moore?

Unlike other traditional methods, our registers offer unparalleled transparency. You can quickly ascertain the existence of any prior security interests on collateral, ensuring that you make informed decisions that mitigate financial risks. 

Our robust software allows you to search, register, renew or discharge security interests 24/7. It is a comprehensive and accessible solution, bringing you peace of mind and absolute control over your secured transactions. 

Secured Transactions Register
Real time access

Real-Time Information Access

Registry software provides real-time access to information on the security interests registered against an entity or individual. 

Improved Decision Making  

Whether it is determining the financial stability of a potential customer or verifying the ownership of an asset, accurate and timely information can provide valuable insights for decision making.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Businesses reduce the risk associated with transactions of personal property. By allowing you to conduct thorough searches it ensures that the asset you are dealing with is free from financial encumbrances.


Designed and built specifically to power registers, Foster Moore products are delivered through Verne - our Registry Aware Platform. Through a powerful suite of tools Verne creates registries that supply accurate, timely and trusted data. Verne is the fastest and easiest way for governments and regulators to implement flexible, tailored online registries to their communities. 

Comprehensive Risk Management

Proactive prevention, comprehensive risk management with accessible real-time information.

Assured Legal Protection

Gain a firm footing, assured legal protection for your interests.

User-friendly Accessibility

Simplicity at your fingertips, user-friendly accessibility, anytime, anywhere.

Party/Group Management

Users can register and maintain a party or group. These parties and party groups can be used to populate secured party details in a financing statement.

Fee Management

An automated solution for the management of fees. Integrating with a number of payment processors.

Real-Time Status Dashboard

Enables users to modify data, make changes, view application status and - if necessary - print documents. 

Multilingual Web Portal

Verne enables content to be served in multiple languages for global accessibility. 


This gives peace of mind around auto-renewal reminders, limitations, and legislative compliance when interacting with the register.


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