Curtailing Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding: The Key Role of Beneficial Ownership Transparency

Beneficial Ownership Register

Beneficial ownership registers reveal how companies and other legal entities or arrangements, such as trusts, are owned and controlled by their beneficial owners. A public real-time, web-based beneficial ownership register records, reports and manages beneficial owners, increasing transparency in business transactions. 

Making more of this information available to those who can use it effectively through a Register of Beneficial Ownership helps solve issues around corporate accountability and illicit financial flows. Registers of Beneficial Ownerships are gaining momentum globally, with over 100 countries committed to implementing reforms. 

Why Foster Moore?
Developed in line with the Open Ownership’s BODs (Beneficial Ownership Data Standards) and leveraging our unsurpassed business registry experience, Foster Moore’s Verne® Beneficial Ownership product enables business registries to deploy a compliant, easy-to-use beneficial ownership register rapidly. 
truly global

Truly Global

Built to the globally recognized beneficial ownership data standards.

Easy Integration

Integrates with existing corporate registers providing accurate real-time entity searching.
API ready

API Ready

It is API Ready – allowing fast and secure processing of beneficial ownership data.

Designed and built specifically to power registers, Foster Moore products are delivered through Verne - our Registry Aware Platform. Through a powerful suite of tools Verne creates registries that supply accurate, timely and trusted data. Verne is the fastest and easiest way for governments and regulators to implement flexible, tailored online registries to their communities. 

Register Beneficial Owners

Allows a beneficial owner (individual, registered entity, other entity) to be associated with an existing registered entity.

Search For Beneficial Owners

Ability to search for beneficial owners by name or unique identifier. 

View Beneficial Owner Details

Display of the registered details of both the parent entity and the beneficial owner. 

Update Beneficial Owner Details

Allows details of the Beneficial Owner and their interests to be updated by authorized users.

Cease Beneficial Owner

Allows a beneficial owner’s association to be ceased with the parent entity, including end and start dates.

Fee Management

An automated solution for the management of fee schedules, renewals, late fees, and penalties. Integrating with a number of payment processors.

Real-Time Status Dashboard 

Enables users to modify data, make changes, view application status and - if necessary - print documents. 

Multilingual Web Portal 

Verne enables content to be served in multiple languages for global accessibility. 


This gives peace of mind around auto-renewal reminders, limitations, and legislative compliance when interacting with the register.

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