Beneficial Ownership Register

A public real-time, web-based beneficial ownership register that records, reports and manages beneficial owners, increasing transparency in business transactions.

Award-Winning Software
Foster Moore’s Verne® platform delivers a suite of powerful tools. One of these is Foster Moore’s Beneficial Ownership Register.

Developed in line with Beneficial Ownership Data Standards
Foster Moore’s Verne® Beneficial Ownership product has been built to globally recognised beneficial ownership data standards, allowing shared data use across multiple jurisdictions or government entities.

Structured Data
Beneficial ownership data is available as structured data, allowing for easy analysis.

API Ready
Foster Moore’s Beneficial Ownership is API ready – allowing fast and secure consumption of beneficial ownership data.

Available Digitally
Foster Moore’s Verne® Beneficial Ownership Register is legislatively compliant, easy to use and deploy.

Intuitive and Accessible
Verne® screens follow standard web-based application principles, so are familiar to virtually anyone using common websites (e.g. online auctions and internet banking sites). Users will be able to view direct and indirect corporate and beneficial ownership structures with ease.






  • Created in line with Open Ownership data standards.
  • Names the beneficial owner; individual; actual owner in a centralised register, in a standardised format.
  • View direct and indirect corporate and beneficial ownership structures with ease.
  • Accurate ownership and control statements provide a transparent state of a natural person, corporate entity or interest relationship.
  • 100% online for all users & debtors, investors, creditors and registry office staff.
  • Quickly add multiple interest relationships between corporate entities and natural persons.
  • Ability to integrate with existing corporate registers providing accurate real-time entity searching.
  • Complies with all local security requirements.
  • Aims to improve corporate trust.
  • Quicker initial implementation through product configuration.
  • Access to product updates to provide enhanced features and functionality.
  • Reduced errors and omissions through monitoring of tasks.
  • Reduced operational costs through increased self-service uptake and improved internal efficiencies.
  • Leverages existing IT operational and support skills through support for a wide range of infrastructure.
  • Long-term support for growing registers through platform scalability.
  • Extended functionality and data integrity through data sharing between registers.

Key features

Verne® kick starts the implementation of a flexible, robust, reliable, secure, cost effective and user-friendly registry. Foster Moore's ongoing product development ensures we meet best-practice guidelines for registries globally, as well as embracing developing technology trends such as mobile computing and security.

Key features provided out of the box:

  • 100% online with fully self-managed transactions, only requiring registrar input to manage exceptions.
  • Secure web-based access for external users (e.g. Business Owners, Agents & Accountants) and internal registry staff to support and maintain the registry.
  • Configurable search facility offers flexible, intelligent searches.
  • Enforced auditability and evidentiality.
  • Template-based document and correspondence generation including distribution via email, fax or print.
  • Complete eCommerce payment methods.
  • Integrated management and operational reporting.
  • Secure database ensures data integrity.
  • Irregular activity monitoring and alerting.
  • Scalable solution.
  • Ability to be private or public.

Using Verne®

Verne® provides the tools needed to configure and deploy a beneficial ownership register that meets clients’ unique requirements and delivers a series of web applications that enable the online management of securities by registry staff and has the ability to enable public search.

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