Our Platform


Catalyst® is the product of over 20 years of experience in building online, statutory registries.

Catalyst operates with one over-riding principle in mind – to introduce new or amended functionality using configuration options rather than through code changes.

Catalyst comes with all the capabilities to build and support a registry. It uses a series of cascading templates which are configured to match your business requirements. Templates provide configurable sets of online forms, business rules and workflows that are typical of the majority of statutory registries. This approach reduces the time and cost of implementation significantly.

We use The Catalyst Adoption Methodology® (CAM®) to streamline the effort and maximise the results of your Catalyst implementation. By following CAM®, you get the best of Catalyst for the least effort.

Our solution brings together three components to provide you with a register which will deliver all your requirements on time and budget. By implementing a commercial off the shelf product using a proven adoption methodology, backed with the experience of our implementation team, your registry will be in production quickly and with low risk.