Going Digital – Delivering a Fully Electronic Registry - White Paper

Going Digital – Delivering a Fully Electronic Registry - White Paper

Going Digital, as the Montana Secretary of State has done, is the first step toward improving productivity and efficiency. Beginning in September 2017, all businesses in Montana must file incorporation documents and annual reports online. The online application is user-friendly and streamlines the submission process by automating the statutory requirements for each filing type. In turn, all documents submitted are in full compliance with the applicable requirements due to the online submission process’ automated settings. “When we do (this) effciently, it makes it easier for businesses to create capital, to hire people,” says Secretary Stapleton, “but it also authenticates our businesses here in the state with others, not just in the country, but even around the world.”

Once a Business Services Division implements an electronic business registry, they must make it worthwhile by maximizing their productivity-enhancing technologies and the overall electronic business model to promote business growth and the economy.

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We prepared a white paper for the recent meeting of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS). It looks at the reasons that Secretaries of State might consider when going digital.

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