USVI Launch Updated Online Trademark Service

USVI Launch Updated Online Trademark Service

Lieutenant Governor Roach announced the latest enhancement to the Division of Corporations and Trademarks online Catalyst® system— the introduction of the Trademark Module. Developed in collaboration with Foster Moore, this addition extends the capabilities of the Catalyst® system, providing a seamless and efficient platform for trademark services.

With the launch of the Trademark Module, users now have 24-hour access to a comprehensive suite of services, processes, and resources within the Division. Key features of the module include:

  1. Online Filings: Submit original, renewal, assignment, merger, and name change filings with secure online payments.
  2. Document Requests: Easily request copies, certificates, and summary publications.
  3. Online Searches: Perform thorough searches with convenience.
  4. Form Resubmission: Review and re-submit returned forms for processing when applicable.
  5. Deadline Reminders: Receive timely reminders for trademark filing due dates.

Lieutenant Governor Roach expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, "We are thrilled to inform our public, especially the business community, about the addition of the electronic trademarks registry. With all three registries—Business Entity, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and Trademark—accessible 24/7, we aim to meet the diverse filing needs of the public and business communities."

Foster Moore®, the driving force behind the development, is equally delighted to provide their Registry Aware® solutions to the United States Virgin Islands. The implementation of the Trademark Module marks the completion of the online services available to the public through the Catalyst® system.

Foster Moore – The registry people® continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and efficiency in registry management. The collaboration with the United States Virgin Islands showcases a shared dedication to facilitating accessible, user-friendly, and secure online services.

About Foster Moore®: Foster Moore is a leading provider of intelligent registry solutions, committed to delivering secure, efficient, and user-friendly systems. With a global presence, Foster Moore empowers government agencies and organizations to streamline processes and enhance public services through innovative and intelligent technology.

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