The pitfalls of ERP, CRM and other non-registry platforms

The pitfalls of ERP, CRM and other non-registry platforms

A wrench is an essential tool in any toolbox but you would never use it to hammer a nail?  When building a registry system, the same rule applies. You should choose a solution specifically tailored for registries.  

There are many options to choose from when procuring a new electronic registry. A bespoke custom build, reuse a system developed for another jurisdiction or use a commercial off the shelf solution (COTs). You may already have a license or use other COTs solutions for ERP or CRM. It’s often attractive to consider extending the capabilities of other COTs solutions like your CRM or ERP given your organisation’s existing relationships with the provider.

There is no doubt that these products are powerful and have broad sets of capability. However, we do urge caution. Using these options comes with significant hidden costs and ongoing complications.

From TCO, to design, to missing completion dates and omitting critical registry features – we explore it all.

Read on to understand the myriad pitfalls of choosing to build your registry on an ERP, CRM or non-registry platform as opposed to Verne®.

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