The Foster Moore team welcomes members to Philadelphia, NASS 2018 Conference

The Foster Moore team welcomes members to Philadelphia, NASS 2018 Conference

The Foster Moore team welcomes NASS members, staff and their families to Philadelphia, the Birthplace of American Independence!

This summer’s conference will be an informative, educational and valuable experience and an opportunity to explore some of our country’s most important and impactful history.

As a long standing NASS partner and Platinum Corporate Affiliate, we are honored to be a contributing member of the most tenured nonpartisan professional organization of public officials in the United States. Our involvement with the NASS community and other registry-minded organizations provides opportunities for mutual education and collaboration. These relationships have significantly contributed to our sustained growth and ability to positively impact the registry community.

As a global leader in business service technology solutions, Foster Moore brings international and United States-specific experience to the provision of business services.  Our experience in Corporations, UCC, Trade Mark and Notaries registries incorporates the very best of modern digital service delivery.  Our Catalyst™ Commercial Off the Shelf Software powers some of the most modern and innovative business registries across the globe.

Foster Moore implements registry solutions globally. Our first fully online registry was developed in 1996: since then we’ve built over 30 different types for over 20 business registries internationally. We support our clients in North America from our offices in Cary, North Carolina, and Toronto, Ontario while our New Zealand office develops solutions for countries around the world, with a focus on emerging economies and global integration.

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