The Internet Never Forgets!

The Internet Never Forgets!

The Internet never forgets! We found this image of the New Zealand Companies Office website from 1998 at web archive org.  It shows the site as it was in the late 1990s.

This was the first online companies registry in the world.  For searching in 1996, name reservations in 1997 and incorporation and maintenance of companies in 1998.

The graphic design element was affectionately referred to as the “Flintstones” at the time, a description that is even more apt now. It really was rather ahead of its time. The service as well as being online, also utilised touch screen kiosks in the Companies Office regional search rooms for those users who wanted to pay for and search the old physical files.

A few of the staff who worked on this system still work for Foster Moore!

Our registry innovation DNA goes back a long way and is reflected in the great work we continue to deliver today. (“The Flintstones”are long gone but “The Jetsons” might be more the thing).