Foster Moore and CoreFiling partner to integrate CoreFiling’s XBRL capability into Foster Moore’s industry leading Registry software.

Foster Moore and CoreFiling partner to integrate CoreFiling’s XBRL capability into Foster Moore’s industry leading Registry software.

Auckland, New Zealand [September 23rd, 2022]  Foster Moore – The Registry People ™, and global software and services company CoreFiling Limited have partnered today.

The partnership will enable registries to provide a full suite of modern digital services to their clients.  It will combine Foster Moore’s registry aware technology and CoreFiling’s world leading iXBRL* software to enable collection of digital financial reports as part of continued company registration. CoreFiling’s True North data platform (TNDP) will be used to create digital accounting standards and for digitization of report preparation and processing. Digital reports will be lodged through Foster Moore’s Verne registry platform providing clients with a seamless filing experience.

* iXBRL is the standard behind the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) and is the de facto standard for annual financial reports and accounts publication to registries, tax authorities and regulators worldwide.

“Partnering with CoreFiling will give our clients the confidence that filings being submitted to their registries are standardized, compliant and of the highest data quality. Integrating with True North streamlines and simplifies the process of annual filings for entities, and enables enhanced regulatory oversight and better reporting on market dynamics.”
Martin Riegel, CEO of Foster Moore

Foster Moore’s proprietary platform Verne® is the fastest and easiest way for governments to implement flexible, tailored online registries configurable to support all registry types and their business and legislative requirements. Verne is a Registry Aware platform that delivers a powerful suite of tools and capabilities out of the box to government registries, enabling them to provide accurate, timely and trusted data to the business and legal community.

“CoreFiling’s partnership with Foster Moore makes it easier than ever for registries to fulfil growing remits in regard to company registration, financial and ESG reporting. Integrating with Foster Moore’s world leading Verne platform helps registries efficiently meet their digital goals and we are excited to see how the partnership evolves to meet upcoming market needs.”
Philip Allen, Executive Chairman of CoreFiling  

CoreFiling specializes in data efficiency, particularly in the area of business to government reporting and use of XBRL technology. CoreFiling’s True North data platform (TNDP) solves the problem of how to efficiently move complex business data, such as financial and regulatory reports, across organisational boundaries.

Foster Moore has empowered governments with flexible, tailored registry solutions in over 21 jurisdictions since 1996.

Press Contact:
Nick Allen
Marketing Director 

About Foster Moore

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Foster Moore – The registry people, is the world’s leading provider of trusted, online registry software. Since developing the worlds’ first fully-electronic online business registry in 1996, Foster Moore has designed and built registry solutions that empower governments in 21 jurisdictions across North America, South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific and New Zealand.

Verne®, Foster Moore’s Registry Aware® solution offers the easiest and fastest way to implement flexible, tailored registry solutions for Business, Company, Beneficial Ownership, Secured Transaction, Trademark, Occupational, Land and Licensing.

Foster Moore is owned by Teranet Inc. Founded in 1991, Teranet Inc., is Canada’s leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services, platform modernization and business intelligence solutions. Teranet Inc., is owned by OMERS Infrastructure, which invests globally on behalf of OMERS, one of Canada’s largest defined benefit pension plans.

About CoreFiling

CoreFiling exist to help companies and governments manage, produce, collect, review and understand performance information. Our enterprise solutions and professional services help organisations around the world improve the quality, timeliness and relevance of the information that they need to operate effectively and efficiently.

The flagship True North Data Platform enables businesses and accounting professionals to integrate and publish data with confidence, ensuring the highest data quality while focusing on efficiency and ease of use.

CoreFiling was founded in 1997 and is based in Oxford, UK.