Verne Beneficial Ownership Register Product

Verne Beneficial Ownership Register Product

Foster Moore, a global leader in business registry solutions, proudly announces the release of its groundbreaking cloud-based Beneficial Ownership Register product. This cutting-edge product, built on our Verne® Registry Aware® Platform, is designed to empower business registries worldwide by providing a compliant, easy-to-use solution for managing and reporting beneficial ownership information.


Beneficial ownership registers are crucial in enhancing transparency and accountability in the business landscape. These registers reveal companies' and legal entities' ownership and control structures, fostering a greater understanding of beneficial owners. Foster Moore's Verne® Beneficial Ownership product is positioned to revolutionize how this critical information is recorded, reported, and managed in real time through a public, web-based platform.


In alignment with Open Ownership's Beneficial Ownership Data Standards (BODs), Foster Moore's Verne® Beneficial Ownership product has been developed with unparalleled expertise gained from years of experience in business registry solutions. The software allows business registries to swiftly deploy a compliant beneficial ownership register, addressing the evolving needs of over 100 countries committed to implementing reforms globally.


The Verne® Beneficial Ownership product is available as an integrated solution, seamlessly blending with existing Companies registers on the Verne platform, and as a stand-alone product. The flexibility of the software ensures a tailored and efficient solution for diverse business registry needs.


Foster Moore has collaborated closely with our clients and Open Ownership throughout the development process, resulting in a product that has received highly positive feedback. Foster Moore's Verne® Beneficial Ownership is a best-practice solution within the industry, underscoring its potential to address corporate accountability and combat illicit financial flows.


For more information about Foster Moore's Verne® Beneficial Ownership, please visit or speak to one of our team.


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