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Trademark Register

Ready to apply for a Trademark or looking to register a Service Mark?  

At Foster Moore, we recognize the significance of trademark registration as a strategic asset. A registered trademark bolsters brand recognition, distinguishing a business from competitors and engendering consumer trust. It shields against infringement, granting exclusive rights to use and protect the mark. Trademark registration enables expansion into new domestic and international markets, ensuring brand integrity and preventing dilution. Furthermore, it enhances the value of a business, providing a powerful tool for licensing, franchising, and partnerships. 

Why Foster Moore?

Foster Moore's trademark registry software allows for the registration and maintenance, including fee payment for Trademarks and Service Marks. 

The trademark lifecycle is precisely managed through registration, renewal, assignment, removal, or cancellation. Trademark owners can see the status of their application, be alerted to renewals, and view portfolios of marks where they act for multiple clients. 

Our Trademark Register (and Service Mark) seamlessly integrates with other Verne® registries, including the business registry, to provide corporations and citizens one-stop access to all trademark and service mark services.

Key Features
Designed for registers

Designed for registers

Easily configured to require registry staff to review and approve certain applications and forms prior to their registration on the system

Compliance focused

Includes functions to ensure trademark owners comply with their registration.

API ready

API ready

Enabling fast and secure processing of trademark data.

Foster Moore products are delivered through Verne® our Registry PaaS (Platform as a Service). Through a powerful suite of tools Verne creates registries that supply accurate, timely and trusted data to the business and legal community. Verne is the fastest and easiest way for governments and regulators to implement flexible, tailored online registries. 

Application for registration

Allows a user to register a mark. In some jurisdictions, the type of Mark will be defined, e.g., trademark or service mark.

Renewal of registration

Renew the Trademark or Service Mark registration.

Assignment of registration

Allows a user to change the name, address, or trademark owner or assign the trademark to another owner.

Removal of registration from the register

Allows a user to cancel the registration of a mark. For example, when the mark is no longer required.

Dissolve registration from the register

System-triggered service when the mark owner is a registered business, and that business is dissolved.

Renewal compliance

Compliance routines are configured to ensure a mark is expired if a renewal is not filed.

Correct the register

The ability for authorised internal users to correct details about a trademark or a filing associated with a trademark.

Search and View Trademarks

Ability to search and view trademarks on the register. By default, the search is available to the public.
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