Verne® Trademark Register

Verne® Trademark Register (and Service Mark) seamlessly integrates with other Verne® registries, including the business registry to provide corporations and citizens one-stop access to all trademark and service mark services.

Key features

  • Provides a comprehensive service for the registration and management of trademarks and service marks.
  • The lifecycle of the trademark can be managed through registration, renewal, assignment, removal and/or cancelation.
  • Using Verne’s dashboard functionality the owner of the trademark is able to see the status of their application is alerted to renewals and can view portfolios of marks where they act for multiple clients.
  • In jurisdictions that use the Verne® Business Register the trademark can be linked to the business that owns it, providing a holistic view of the filings and enabling easier administration by the attorney, agent or business owner.

Functional areas

Data capture, validation and system updates

Verne® provides the following core functions to support the creation and maintenance of trademark or service mark registrations within a Trademark Register:

  • Apply for a trademark allows for trademark (or service mark) to be registered.
  • Renew a trademark allows a user to apply to renew a trademark for a defined period of time including fees payment.
  • Maintain details allows user to update details about a trademark where applicable.
  • Upload a document enables a user to upload mandatory or supporting documents, e.g. proof of use.
  • List my unfinished business allows a user to view a list of pending or returned trademark applications and select one in order to submit/resubmit. A user can also view a list of applications that are awaiting review or have been approved.
  • Create applicant allows a user to create a new applicant.
  • Remove from register provides the ability for a user to request the removal of a trademark from the register. Internal users can also remove a trademark from the register.
  • View tasks allows an internal user to view the work queue of open tasks.

View task details allows an internal user to:

  • View task details.
  • Approve a form associated with a task.
  • Reject a form associated with a task.
  • Assign a task to oneself, an internal user or a team.
  • Application approval.

Application processing

Verne® can be configured to require registry staff to review and approve certain applications and forms prior to their registration on the system. Such forms include applications for trademark registration. On submission or resubmission of a form, Verne® creates a review task and assigns it to registry staff. On approval of an application, the requested changes will be applied to the register and the practitioner is sent an email confirmation of the completion of the service. On rejection of a form, an internal user must specify a rejection reason and the practitioner is sent an email notification of the rejection. Applications may be rejected outright, or rejected with the option to resubmit. For resubmissions, users may rectify the errors and re-submit the form within the stated completion period.


Verne® Trademark Register includes functions to ensure that trademark owners are in compliance with their registration. Verne® can also send courtesy and overdue email reminders for renewals, including automated expiry of trademarks where renewal is not carried out.

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