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Looking to create a feature-rich online business registry configured to meet the unique requirements of your register and jurisdiction? A Verne register of businesses or corporations empowers state or federal incorporation, ongoing filings, maintenance and cessation of corporate entities in a single feature-rich platform.

Verne Registry Example

Key Features

Verne® Business Register delivers secure, reliable and scalable business registries configured to meet your current needs, while allowing for growth and your evolving requirements.

Key features provided out of the box:

  • Search facility from web, phone and mobile devices.
  • Workflow and task management functions.
  • Document management and template-based correspondence generation via email, fax or print.
  • Complete eCommerce payment methods.
  • Efficient management of agency relationships to enable assignment of maintenance responsibility.
  • Scalable solution providing support for large and small registries.
  • Secure database ensuring data integrity.
  • Support for multi-lingual use.
  • Delivery of multiple registers from a single platform.
  • Delivery of multiple jurisdictions on a single platform enabling regional deployments.



Verne® Business Register can be integrated with:

  • Financial management and accounting systems.
  • External reporting solutions for standard and ad-hoc reporting, enabling end-to-end processes.
  • State or national identification and login services.
  • Existing IT environment (e.g. user authentication, access control and database management system).
  • Online help.
  • Content Management System.


  • Flexible solutions meet requirements of complex or simple registries.
  • Significantly lowers project risk by using a proven product.
  • Quicker initial implementation through product configuration.
  • Ability to rapidly reconfigure product to support a changing legislative environment.
  • Access to product updates to provide enhanced features and functionality.
  • Improved efficiency through team-based task management that assigns tasks to users, and teams of users through intuitive online application.
  • Reduced errors and omissions through monitoring of tasks.
  • Reduced operational costs through increased self-service uptake and improved internal efficiencies.
  • Leverages existing IT operational and support skills through support for a wide range of infrastructure.
  • Long-term support for growing registers through platform scalability.
  • Extended functionality and data integrity through data sharing between registers.

Using Verne®

Verne® is a complete platform for the delivery of online business registries, delivering the full range of functions required by these systems. Verne® provides users with a browser-based online application that is easy and intuitive for all parties to access securely from a range of devices.

Foster Moore configures Verne® to meet the individual business and legislative requirements of each registry based on knowledge gathered at the start of the project.

Our building blocks:

  • Multiple language support.
  • Configurable options to support different legislative rules.
  • Database and server agnostic.
  • Integrated Content Management Systems.
  • Integration with existing authentication and authorization systems.

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