Strategic Advisor

Michael Brosnahan

Michael provides strategic registry advice to Foster Moore.  Michael enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the New Zealand public service. Michael was formerly the Registry Services Manager at the New Zealand Companies Office.  Prior to taking up that role in 2005, Michael held the position of IT Operations Manager for the Ministry of Economic Development.

During his time with the Companies Office, Michael was responsible for the delivery of all New Zealand Companies Office services mainly through electronic systems and the internet for registers relating to Companies, Personal Properties Securities, Superannuation Funds, Incorporated Societies, Building Societies, Charitable Trusts, Unit Trusts, Friendly Societies Motor Vehicles Traders and Credit Unions.  Michael also oversaw the New Zealand Companies Office international registry reform projects within developing countries, working extensively in the Pacific region, Asia, and Africa.

Michael held the role of the Secretary for the Corporate Registers Forum (CRF) for the 10 years prior to his retirement from government service in December 2021.

Michael is an independent consultant and sits on Foster Moore’s Strategic Advisory panel assisting the company in a range of registry-related areas.