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Foster Moore & Omesti Announce Partnership To Bring Electronic Business Registry Platform to ASEAN Region

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Omesti ASEAN Partnership

Foster Moore & Omesti Announce Partnership To Bring Electronic Business Registry Platform to ASEAN Region


As governments and regulatory bodies around the ASEAN region push to achieve greater transparency across the corporate landscape, OMESTI Berhad of Malaysia and Foster Moore International of New Zealand are teaming up to deploy Foster Moore’s proprietary electronic registry solution, Catalyst™, across ASEAN and beyond.

The tie-up will help deliver this transparency through a unified digital business registration and reporting platform. The Catalyst solution brings cost-savings and operational efficiencies, while complying with local statutory legislation. Key advantages also include improved data access, enhanced functionality and streamlined operations for agencies and end-users alike.  To date, the solution has been deployed in multiple territories across the globe including North America, Africa, the Middle East and Labuan.

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Under the partnership between these two leading technology specialists, OMESTI has been selected as Foster Moore’s implementation partner for ASEAN and emerging markets. Territories include but are not limited to Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia. The partnership was formalised at a signing ceremony today in the presence of Matt Ritchie, Trade Commissioner, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and other invited guests.

Gerard Monteiro, Executive Director, OMESTI Berhad, said, “As stakeholders everywhere push for greater transparency and access to corporate information, the implementation of such a robust solution like Catalyst will transform the business landscape. We are honoured to have been selected to work alongside Foster Moore to bring this proven technology to South East Asia and emerging markets.”

Joel Foster, Chief Executive of Foster Moore, said, “We are delighted to partner OMESTI. We are impressed with their skillset, experience and culture.  Their track record in areas such as eCOURTS, in Malaysia, demonstrates their ability to work with clients to improve service delivery through the application of software.  Our long-term strategy is to deliver our Catalyst™ solution through trusted partners, globally. These partners bring local experience, expertise and enable clients to get a powerful product and local support.”

Matt Ritchie, Trade Commissioner, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, added, “In 2017, New Zealand and Malaysia are celebrating 60 years of diplomatic relations. This anniversary is a chance to reflect on what we have achieved together and look forward to a vibrant partnership in the future. The tie-up between Foster Moore and OMESTI is a good example of the promising future ahead.”

Catalyst provides a generic database structure for multiple registries and seamlessly handles configuration, mapping, workflow and integration. Master templates provide configurable sets of online forms, business rules and workflows that are typical of the majority of statutory registries. This reduces the time and cost of implementation significantly.

A typical project involves the deployment of an integrated business registry management solution in full compliance with local statutory requirements. This enables digital management of the entire process of company registration, statutory filing and other corporate reporting.  Data capture is provided over a secure, scalable platform and a powerful on-board data analytics module provides management dashboard, customer insights and statistical analysis.

OMESTI’s track record in the region dates back over 30 years during which time the Group has successfully designed and executed multiple large-scale and complex technology projects for government departments and private sector clients. These include the integrated digital court infrastructure platforms for Malaysia and Brunei, data centres for the Malaysian Government, transport and logistics scheduling systems for the energy sector, core banking and insurance platforms for the leading financial institutions, and more.

In recent years, the Group has tied up with several partners to add further technology solutions to its portfolio for both enterprise and SME markets. These include digital Human Capital Management, Intelligent Video Analytics, As-A-Service Accounting and others.

The formation of this corporate registry partnership is particularly relevant coming in the year that New Zealand marks the 60th anniversary of bilateral relations with Malaysia. 



OMESTI Berhad is a Malaysian-based public listed grouping of technology companies that develop and deploy integrated solutions, systems, services designed to improve business performance, enhance connectivity through digital infrastructure and deliver innovation for business. The Group works with large enterprises across multiple industry sectors including financial institutions, the judiciary, telecommunications, utility and energy firms and government departments. It is also active in the SME space providing as-a-service solutions that include fibre broadband, cloud storage and human capital management.



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