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Montana, USA

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Montana, USA

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State Information Management System (SIMS) Business Entity (BE) system allows filing and maintenance of Montana business documents online. Powered by Foster Moore's Catalyst™ Registry product SIMS BE representing the best-in class-registry technology within the United States.

The project delivers a comprehensive suite of services to the business community of Montana. Corporations, Business Names, Trademarks, Partnerships, Trusts and LLCs are all able to be formed and maintained online.

Integrated with Montana's whole-of-state login service Montana e-Pass and the State's payment portal SIMS BE is a truly connected application.

Utilizing the Catalyst Adoption Methodology™, Foster Moore™ delivered the project within a period of 17 months.

This project represents the Foster Moore's first delivery of Catalyst™ within the United States and is supported by the team based in our US office. We are working with the Montana SOS to refresh their UCC application and will deliver this with our Catalyst™ product.

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